Hiring a luxury travel agent certainly comes with its advantages. You have tons of choices, and it is time to discover just how an agent can help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Hey, if you are just hopping in the car with the kids and going to cross state lines to visit the grandparents, you have yourself covered. But if you are exploring new luxury vacation travel destinations, you might need some help.

When you do decide to hire a travel agent for your luxury vacation, it was mentioned that you have choices. Let’s go over your first two basic choices. You can network with an experienced travel agent who can help you plan any vacation. Or, you can network with an experienced travel agent that is location specific and knows the area you plan to visit quite well. There are advantages to each, and it really depends on what you are most comfortable with.

If you plan to hire a travel agent that can help you with any vacation, that doesn’t mean the person won’t be unfamiliar with your destination. After all, he or she has helped many people plan vacations in the past. However, networking with a travel agent in the area that you have picked as your destination is like scoring a big win when it comes to planning out that itinerary.

It’s not like every day is a luxury vacation, so in my own shoes, I can tell you the approach I would take. Let’s say I am planning a luxury vacation to Dubai.

Well, I can tell you already that I’m contacting a travel agent there. Let’s take a little off the top, however, and focus on a more common destination. Let’s say I am planning a trip to the Virgin Islands, specifically St. Thomas.

Now, many travel agents will have sent people to the Caribbean for a luxury vacation time and time again. However, I would still pick an agent from The Virgin Islands.

That’s just how I roll, but you can do things how you like. You can always do both, too. If you feel more comfortable with booking your travel package stateside, then do so. Then you can network with travel agents at your destination beforehand to book even more fun.

They will have information about all kinds of attractions. Either way, it helps to talk to someone that knows the area you are traveling to because you want to be sure that you are getting the best information about hotels, navigation, attractions and things to do, restaurants, prices, the culture in general and more. There are all kinds of things you can discover and plan ahead of time so that you have the most fun.

Of course you don’t want to plan out every single detail. You want to be a little open to the scene, and you just want to be familiar with your surroundings a little and all. An experienced luxury travel agent can help make sure that happens.